The Prime Minister’s decision to shut down Parliament and the Senate until October shows contempt for Canadians. This is the message from Charlie Angus as Mr. Harper continues to dodge questions about his role in the biggest spending scandal in Senate history. Angus says the decision to prorogue Parliament is yet another attempt to evade accountability over the Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau scandal.


This Prime Minister is up to his neck in this Senate scandal and he’s gone under ground. He only showed up five times in the last session of Parliament after the Duffy scandal broke. This is not leadership. This is a man playing peek-a-boo with Canadians when he should be explaining what he knew about potentially criminal acts committed under his watch.”


The Prime Minister has refused to answer a number of fundamental questions since the scandal broke. For example, what did he know about a potentially illegal pay-off to Mike Duffy that was organized through his office? Why did he personally endorse Senator Wallin’s spending after claiming to have looked at her travel?


Angus is urging the Prime Minister to come clean with Canadians and return to Parliament to face the questions Canadians have been asking.


The Prime Minister showed up in White Horse and saw Tom Mulcair’s shadow. That means four more weeks of the Prime Minister hiding out on the barbeque circuit, while Canadians are left without answers. And putting a ‘Gone Fishing’ sign over the doors of Parliament will not make this scandal go away.”