Some Christmas present. That's the response of Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus to the news that Canada Post is ending home mail delivery for Canadians. The announcement was made after Parliament had shut for the winter break sparing Prime Minister Harper questions on how this move will impact the future of mail service in Canada.


Over the next five years home delivery will be phased out. Angus says Harper needs to explain the failure of this government to ensure good postal service across the country.


“Instead of looking for ways to modernize operations, Canada Post and the Conservatives are taking an axe to long-treasured postal services – killing good jobs, eliminating home delivery, cutting rural post office hours and drastically increasing postage rates.”


Angus says northerners are isolated and don’t have as many options as larger centres.

“We all understand that modern technology has changed the way we do business. But we also need to consider how this will affect seniors dependent on home mail delivery.”


Angus says Harper’s Conservatives can find millions to keep his well-connected friends in the Senate but he can't find a way to keep mail coming to your door. “That tells you what Conservative priorities are. These short-sighted service cuts will have the biggest impact on seniors and persons with disabilities.”


6,000 to 8,000 workers will lose their jobs and five million households will lose home delivery over the next five years. Worse yet, Canada Post’s consultations were only done by Internet, effectively eliminating any opportunity for input from the people who will be most affected.