Hst Continues To Hit Northerners At Pumps

Charlie Angus has been receiving numerous complaints about high gas prices. He says people in Kirkland Lake area are particularly concerned about the major discrepancies in prices between Kirkland Lake gas stations and prices in neigbouring Quebec communities of Rouyn or Val d’Or. Angus says the HST plays a big role in driving up the price on the Ontario side of the border.

"Ever since Harper and the Provincial Liberals hit Ontarians with the HST on gas, people have been taking a huge hit. On average we're paying nearly 16 cents more per litre as a result of the HST than in comparable regions in Northern Quebec. This is a huge bite out of the family wallet." 

According to parliamentary research undertaken by Angus, the average price of wholesale gasoline delivered to Timmins was 83.6 cents a litre. The gas terminals in Ottawa and Toronto were providing prices slightly higher than in neighbouring Quebec. But the tax difference is where the bite comes in. The government collects 14.7 cents in provincial tax and 10 cents in federal taxes. They then get a second round of taxes from Ontario residents with another 16 cents from the HST.


Angus says northerners are being hosed.


Stephen Harper has the nerve to tell Canadians he won’t raise taxes and yet people in Ontario are paying more than $800 million a year in taxes thanks to the HST. Everytime you fill up at the pump you can thank Stephen Harper and the Wynne Government.”