The Harper Conservatives spent nearly $700,000 to fight our injured Afghan veterans in court over cuts to their disability payments in the veterans charter. Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus says the Conservatives ought to be ashamed of the way they are treating our veterans.


“Spending almost 700,000 fighting our Veterans in court is not supporting our troops. Closing nine veterans’ services offices in our country is not supporting our troops. And swapping in a new Minister in an attempt to change the channel from the previous Minister’s failures isn’t supporting our troops either.”


New Democrats have offered a list of clear priorities for the government to turn around their dismal record on supporting our troops.


  • Re-opening regional Veterans Affairs offices
  • Implementing the unanimous New Veterans Charter report recommendations from the House of Commons Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs
  • Eliminating the CPP claw back at age 65 for disabled and retired CF and RCMP veterans
  • Allowing all modern-day veterans access to long-term care beds
  • Eliminating the Veterans Review and Appeal Board
  • Calling an inquiry into the chemical spraying at CFB Gagetown, and offer compensation to military members and civilians who were exposed.


New Democrats, Canadians, and our veterans are still waiting for an answer.