Timmins - James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson says Liberal policies are partly to blame for the shutdown of the paper mill in IroquoisFalls. Resolute has announced it is shutting down the Paper Mill December 22nd.


“The Liberal Government let the company sell the power dams even though the Municipal Council, the union and surrounding communities were all opposed. Over the long run, this resulted in Hydro rates increasing therefore making the company less competitive. Other provinces are pulling ahead of Ontario as they’re offering reasonable hydro rates.”


 Bisson says Resolute cannot be allowed to walk off with the wood, shut the power off, damage the infrastructure due to freezing just because they want to protect their market condition.


 “These are Crown natural resources and the Province should take the forest back preventing Resolute from leaving with our wood.”


Bisson adds, the government decisions have led to many mill closures in Northern Ontario. “One has to wonder how many jobs must be lost before the Liberals get it.”


Charlie Angus has also spoken with resolute management, the mayor and the community.


This is a terrible Christmas gift for an entire community. We want to ensure that all employees are able to transition and that those transition services are there for them.”