It’s time to fix health care – in Northern Ontario and across Canada

New Democrat Leader Jack Layton says Canadians can trust him to fix health care, and as Prime Minister, he will deliver results within the first 100 days.

“Stephen Harper promised to make health care a priority. But five years later, he’s failed to reduce wait times. He’s allowed for-profit, private clinics to flourish. He’s siding with the big pharmaceutical companies to keep your drug costs high. Meanwhile, five million Canadians are still without a family doctor. Something has got to change.”

Charlie Angus says Michael Ignatieff isn’t the solution.

“With less than two weeks left in the election, Mr. Ignatieff now says health care is a priority. But just three weeks ago, he released a platform that barely mentioned health care."

Layton says “I know where I stand. And unlike Mr. Ignatieff, I am fighting every day to protect health care.”

The New Democrat plan will reduce wait times by training 1,200 new doctors and more than 6,000 nurses; bring home care and long-term care under the Canada Health Act; and introduce an affordable strategy to lower prescription drug costs.