Jack Layton shows real Canadian leadership in English language debate

Jack Layton dominated the English Language debate tonight, clearly articulating the concerns of Canadian families and proving he’s the only Leader who can take on Stephen Harper.

Addressing the issues that matter to Canadians, Layton spoke about the need to create jobs, help small business and give families a break. Layton cited Harper’s policies of deregulation and corporate tax giveaways as reasons “why people can't make ends meet, why so many people are still out of work.” Turning to Stephen Harper Layton said: “Your policies don't address them.”

Layton pointed to Harper’s dismal record on fixing Ottawa after years of Liberal entitlement and scandal. "You've become what you used to oppose...you said you'd clean up Ottawa from scandals and now we've got the most closed, secretive government we've pretty well ever had," Layton scolded Harper.

Layton also put Michael Ignatieff’s record under the microscope. “You don’t show up for 70 per cent of the votes. For most Canadians, if you don’t show up for work, you can’t expect a promotion.”

"There you were, supporting Mr. Harper on this massive program corporate tax cuts, and suddenly you're against them. You're Mr. Harper's best friend,” said Layton. “If not for you, I’d have to lend him my crutch."

Layton also scored the signature jab of the night by calling Stephen Harper’s crime policies a “hashtag fail” a twitter reference that brought down the house and set the social media world all atwitter.