Charlie Angus says he still finds it hard to believe that it has only been two years since the passing of Jack Layton. Since the sudden death of the New Democratic Party leader in 2011, the New Democrat caucus under Tom Mulcair has been fighting non-stop against the Stephen Harper agenda. Angus says there hasn’t been much time to stop and reflect on Layton’s influence and how much Canada lost with his passing.


Every now and then it hits me how much I miss Jack. Jack offered Canadians a vision of a better Canada. His commitment to Canadians kept our caucus going in the days and months following his death. If Jack were here to see how we have grown as a caucus he would be proud. He would tell us to keep working for a Canada where no one is left behind.”


Angus says Layton became a personal friend who actually talked him into running for politics.


Jack had an incredible ability to see talent in others and to draw these talents out for positive change. He made me believe that it was possible to do politics in a better way, that it was possible to serve the public with conviction, integrity and passion. I have never looked back. I know he has inspired so many others in public life.”


On Thursday night, the Timmins-James Bay New Democrats will be celebrating the life and legacy of Jack Layton at an informal gathering at Wacky Wings in Timmins.