JACK WOULD BE PROUD: Angus says New Democrats Carried His Vision Forward in 2011

Charlie Angus says he is proud of the performance of the New Democratic Party caucus during the last session of Parliament. At a year end news conference, Angus said, despite of the tragic death of leader Jack Layton, a very large and relatively inexperienced caucus came together quickly and formed into a formidable opposition to the Harper government.  

"There's never been a party that has undergone the turmoil we went through since the election of 2011 and the death of our leader. We didn‘t have any time to mourn the death of Jack Layton. We got down to work right away and kept on the issues and held the Conservatives to account.” 

Angus says one reason he didn’t run for the leadership was to be able to act as a mentor for the rookie MP’s.  

“Jack was an extraordinary leader and friend. He had a way of encouraging people and keeping the team together. I knew that this fall session would be brutally hard and as a veteran member, I felt I had to step up and take on some of the mentoring that Jack would have done.” 

Angus says the Harper government plays to the politics of division and anger. This is why it is so important for the NDP to stay united and true to Layton's vision.   

“Jack asked me to take on the role of holding this government to account for their abuse of taxpayer’s money. I take this role very seriously. Our new members are energetic and inspiring. As the year comes to a close I think Jack would be very proud of this team and our work."  

Angus credits Nycole Turmel for taking the reins during a very difficult time. 

Not long after she was appointed interim leader, she came to the riding to meet people. She wanted to know what Timmins-James Bay had to say and that commitment didn’t go unnoticed.