Kl Constituency Office Closed In Order To Assist Fire Team

In response to a request from local emergency planning officials, staff from MP
Charlie Angus and MPP John Vanthof's Kirkland Lake office will spend the
remainder of this week helping with the Town's emergency preparedness
plan.  A state of emergency has been declared for the Kirkland Lake region
due to forest fires. Angus and Vanthof have been working closely with town
officials who are dealing with the threat posed by the Kirkland Lake fire.
Angus says they decided to close the constituency office so that all resources
can be put into preparing for possible evacuation if the fire threat worsens. 

The fire situation has not deteriorated but it is important that we
have all the resources in put in place just in case an evacuation of the
community is required. We have offered our staff and resources to help with
this effort." 

Angus says he has great faith in the emergency team in Kirkland Lake. “The
emergency preparedness team is doing a fantastic job. I really tip my hat to
all those involved from town hall, the MNR, to the various emergency services.” 

Vanthof says the office will re-open next week. “We want to make sure the fires have subsided before we move forward. Right now we feel it is best to have our staff assist in emergency planning efforts.” 

Angus and Vanthof will be in Kirkland Lake on Thursday working with their staff and the local emergency response team.