Layton makes biggest strides in english debate: poll

Jack Layton is going into tonight’s French language debate riding a wave of momentum, thanks to his strong performance in last night’s English leader’s debate and ongoing strong polling numbers in Quebec.

A new poll conducted by Ipsos Reid shows Layton connected with Canadians watching last night, with a solid 55 per cent of viewers saying their impression of Layton had improved after watching the leaders’ debate.

Viewers also decided it was Layton who emerged as Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s main rival in last night’s debates, a rebuff to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

While consistently calling out Stephen Harper for his five years of broken promises, Layton also held the Liberal leader to account for his dismal attendance record in the House of Commons.

The post-debate poll also found that 40 per cent of viewers found Layton had the best policies on the key issue of health care, followed by Harper at 29 per cent and Ignatieff trailing 22 per cent.

In addition to scoring zinger after zinger, Layton used the debate to outline the practical steps his platform takes in key areas Canadian families are concerned about.

In his platform, Layton committed to Canadians that in the first 100 days in office he would (1) hire more doctors, in collaboration with the provinces, (2) reward job creators, (3) strengthen pensions, (4) make life more affordable and (5) fix Ottawa once and for all.