Layton proposes new help for senior health care

NDP leader Jack Layton announced new measures today to address challenges faced by Canada’s aging population and help prepare frontline health care for the next generation.

“Yesterday we proposed ways to help families keep older relatives at home longer,” said Layton. “Today we are proposing new measures to help our health care system deal with the growing need for home care and other health services.”

The New Democrat proposal includes measures to keep seniors at home longer, improve the quality of the home care they receive and negotiate a dedicated transfer for long-term care as part of the 2014 health accords.

Charlie Angus says for five years, Stephen Harper has ignored the health care challenges facing older Canadians. “Our Quality Home Care Plan and new Long-Term Care Initiative will show real leadership on health care for seniors and help families caring for older relatives at home, especially here in the north.”

Layton’s proposal will:

Improve access for quality home care, helping 100,000 more families a year
Make home care and long-term care insured services by adding them to the Canada Health Act
Establish a long-term care transfer through the 2014 Health Accord negotiations
Double the loan program for helping families renovate to keep older relatives in their homes
Layton also pointed out how Harper’s inaction on health care has let tremendous pressure build on our system, leaving places like Prince George with dire shortages of nurses, doctors and health professionals.

Angus says we need leadership on health care to help communities like Iroquois Falls, Matheson, Larder Lake and Moosonee. “We have a practical, affordable plan to bring more nurses and doctors to our communities, keep seniors in their homes longer and give families a break.”