NDP releases platform to give families a break

New Democrat leader Jack Layton released his party’s platform today – a practical, affordable plan to give families a break.

Charlie Angus says the New Democrat plan is reasonable, affordable and focused on middle-class families and those being left behind by Stephen Harper. “It provides action right now to improve health care, strengthen pensions, create jobs and make life a little more affordable.”

Unlike Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff, whose platforms were focused on vague unfunded promises several years away, Layton promised immediate action in five key areas, all within 100 days of the election:

Hire more family doctors and nurses;
Strengthen public pensions;
Kick-start job creation by cutting small business taxes and offering targeted tax credits for companies that hire in Canada;
Help out the family budget by capping credit card fees, taking the federal sales tax off home heating and unlocking cell phones; and,
Commit to working with other parties to end the scandals and fix Ottawa for good.
To underline his message that only New Democrats can be trusted to deliver on their promises, Jack Layton personally signed copies of the platform for several participants in the town hall.

“As my mom and my dad taught me – a contract is only as good as the signature that’s on it,” Layton said. “I’ll get the job done. That’s my promise to you. And I’ll stake my name to it.”