Yesterday, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau folded, abandoned his party’s stated concerns about the over-reaching Conservative surveillance bill, and joined with Conservatives in voting for C-51.


“It is quite sad and disappointing to see the Liberal leader voting for such flawed legislation instead of standing with the people of Canada," said NDP Ethics Critic, Charlie Angus. "He will have to explain to his constituents why he decided to vote with Stephen Harper for legislation that attacks our civil rights. Justin Trudeau continues to show his lack of judgement and lack of experience.”


Justin Trudeau claims he will provide new insights and new leadership on what matters most to Canadians. Last night’s vote showed us his real colours and that he is not ready to stand up for Canadians.


“Canadians have united against this overreaching and dangerous bill. The NDP stood with them and voted against C-51,” added Angus. “New Democrats will continue to stand up for Canadians, it's a shame the Liberals were afraid to do so.”