It’s time for a public conversation about the dangers of fentanyl abuse. This was the focus of a working group meeting hosted today by Charlie Angus to find solutions to the dangers posed by the increasing street use of this synthetic opioid. The fentanyl patch is a key pain killer for people suffering from serious illnesses. However, it has being increasingly misused as a recreational drug even though it has caused numerous overdoses and death.


Angus called the meeting following a serious of recent shocking overdoses in the region.


“I had never heard of fentanyl until I saw its devastating effects on some wonderful young people I knew. It made me realize that we need to become better informed of the threat posed by this so-called heroin on steroids. This isn’t a party drug. It’s a killer.”


Angus hosted a meeting of key health care, addiction experts and regional police in the Porcupine region. The working group is setting out a series of strategies to raise awareness and find ways to limit this drug getting on the street.


There are people becoming addicted to fentanyl who had never messed with hard drugs before. What makes fentanyl so dangerous is that someone who cuts the patch and tries to smoke it can suffer life-threatening impacts on their first toke. This is not a drug to be messed with.”


Over the next few weeks the fentanyl working group will be laying out a plan for addressing the risk posed to people in the north.