MORE STUDENTS WORKING IN TIMMINS-JAMES BAY: Local Agencies Benefit From Canada Summer Jobs

Charlie Angus says this riding continues to get record funding from the Canada Summer Jobs Program. Angus says 208 students will be working this summer in the riding thanks to over $624,000 in funding.


With the large amount of dollars received again this year, we were able to ensure more organizations to take advantage of the program. But more importantly, students are able to get jobs to build work experience.”


Angus says the program has been fantastic for the region. 


We have always worked very closely with Service Canada on the summer jobs program. We are going to provide a lot of jobs for students this summer. That is quite significant for this riding.”


Angus adds, even with record funding, many groups were not able to get approved again this year. “We always take note of those who don’t get students to try and make sure the dollars are continued to be spread evenly and fairly in the future. Even with this amount, unfortunately some groups will not get funding.”


Money is spread right across the riding including Matheson, Moosonee, Larder Lake, Timmins, Englehart and many other locations.