NDP CRITIC LAMOTHE IN TIMMINS: Young Quebec MP a Rising Star in Ottawa

One of the Federal New Democrats rising young stars is inTimmins today. Senior’s Critic Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe (MP Pierrefonds-Dollard) is speaking to seniors about government changes that will impact their future. 

The Conservatives are putting seniors and the poor on the hook for potential recessions of the future. They have to stop blaming Canada’s aging population for this government’s unaccountable and ill-advised fiscal decisions. They’re trying to balance the budget on the back of those can least afford it.” 

Lamothe is also speaking to students at Theriault High School and O’Gorman High School about life in public service. Charlie Angus says he wanted to introduce young people in Timmins this exciting new generation of politician. 

Lysane is a perfect example of the next wave of politicians to hit Parliament Hill. She is bright, intelligent and is quickly gaining respect for her work on the issues that affect Canadian seniors.” 

Angus says the Quebec MP is part of the NDP’s brilliant and vibrant new caucus. “We elected a whole bunch of fresh young faces in May of 2011. Being a young person herself, Lysane can demonstrate to students that they should get involved in politics because they can make a difference.” 

On May 2, 2011, Lamothe made history by becoming the first NDP MP in the West Island of Montreal. She currently sits on the Public Accounts Committee and was appointed as the Official Opposition’s critic for Seniors.