The New Democratic Party’s push for a national palliative care strategy is gaining political support from members of all political parties. MP Charlie Angus (Timmins-JamesBay) has led the push for a national strategy on improving access to palliative and hospice care with his parliamentary Motion 456. This past week, the motion was seconded by some MPs from the Conservative and Liberal caucuses.


Angus says this cross-party support is a good start.


“All across Canada we see the need for quality palliative care. The federal government has a key role to play in working with the Provinces and territories on improving health care services. In an intensely partisan Parliament it is good to see that we are able to gain support from members of other parties.”


Although the palliative care motion has received support from individual Conservative and Liberal members, neither party has officially endorsed the New Democratic Party’s initiative. Angus is looking forward to debate on the motion in the spring to help the other parties understand the significance of improving access to quality palliative care.


Ottawa has been missing in action on this file for too long. I am looking forward to working with members of all parties on pushing forward on a plan to improve the ability of Canadians to have quality, community and family-based care as loved ones are dying.”