NDP pledges action to fight elder abuse: New Democrats to ensure seniors are given the respect they deserve

NDP Leader Jack Layton today pledged to change the Criminal Code to ensure stiffer penalties for those who prey on Canada’s seniors. Layton’s pledge is in addition to a commitment to invest in a National Elder Abuse Strategy and specialized services to help seniors and families dealing with situations of elder abuse.

“As Prime Minister I will make fighting elder abuse a key priority,” said Layton. “We owe nothing less to the people who built and fought for our country. My plan gets tough on those who abuse seniors, and provides the help families need to cope when a family member is being victimized.”

Layton’s plan to fight elder abuse is on top of the comprehensive plan he is proposing to support Canada’s seniors. That plan includes action to lift 250,000 seniors out of poverty, to make prescription drugs more affordable, and to expand home care and housing options.

Charlie Angus says Ottawa is not giving seniors the respect they deserve. “It’s time for that to change. It’s time for leadership Canadians can trust to fix Ottawa and focus on the right priorities.”