GETTING CHARGED MONEY TO PAY YOUR BILL?: New Democrats Oppose "Pay-to-Pay" Rip-off :

Canada’s New Democrats have launched a campaign to eliminate extra charges for receiving a monthly bill in the mail. Over the last year many telephone, internet, TV and other companies have introduced new monthly charges on customers who continue to receive a paper copy of their bill in the mail.


When’s the last time you bought anything and had to pay extra for the bill it was written on?” asked Charlie Angus. "What an insult -- getting charged a bill just so you can your pay bill. These fees are a rip-off."


Angus and the NDP are calling on the federal government to prohibit these ‘Pay-to-Pay’ fees that unfairly target Canadian families already struggling to pay their bills. Angus says "Pay-to-Pay" will especially target seniors who do not have regular access to the internet or do not feel comfortable performing such transactions online.


"These companies seem to think they can get away with anything under this Conservative government. Seniors are already hard hit. Adding a tax on their bill is unjustifiable."


Some companies have claimed this is an attempt to reduce paper but Angus says, if they were serious about going green, they would have offered a discount for customers that use online billing rather than penalize those who can’t easily make the transition.


This is a clear cash-grab worth millions of dollars, and Canadian seniors are largely the ones being stuck with the bill.”


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