New Democrats Raise Concerns About Abitibi Dam Sale

New Democrat MPP Gilles Bisson and MP Charlie Angus say the Provincial Liberal government must put the interests of Iroquois Falls at the front before allowing any sale of the Abitibi dams. Cash-strapped Abitibi has been looking to finalize a sale of the dams on the Abitibi River. These dams provide low-cost power to the Iroquois Falls paper mill.

Bisson says the sales might help Abitibi’s bottom line but it could spell long term trouble for the mill.

“The Minister of Natural Resources must sign off on any sale before it goes through. The Minister must look at the long term implications of any dam sale on viability of this mill to continue producing paper.”

Charlie Angus says the workers in Iroquois Falls have done their part to help Abitibi weather the financial storm. Selling off the dams could have long-term implications for the region.

"Access to low cost power has allowed the Abitibi mill to survive the worst downturn in the history of the paper-making business. The dams are an integral part of the mill and crucial to the economy of Northeastern Ontario