Northern Electoral Boundaries Remain: Angus Thanks Residents For Getting Involved

The Electoral Redistribution Commission has backed off on its plan to vastly expand the riding of Timmins-James Bay. As well, the Commission has recognized the need to maintain 10 ridings for Northern Ontario contrary to suggestions that Northern Ontario lose another riding. Charlie Angus says the Commission heard loud and clear from northern residents that the proposed changes were simply not fair for ensuring proper representation in Parliament.  

“I want to thank the hundreds and hundreds of residents who wrote letters and got involved in this process. Having the active involvement of people across our region ensured that we didn’t lose out when the riding boundaries were redrawn.”  

Angus says the Boundary Commission had a difficult task and believes that they showed a willingness to listen to people’s concerns.

“I know it’s not an easy job to come into a region where people have felt they have been short-changed in the past in terms of riding redistribution. The Commission asked tough questions but they clearly heard from the people of our region that the riding should remain as it is.”  

Timmins-James Bay is already larger thanGreat Britain in geographic size. 

Angus says the last time the boundaries were discussed, MP’s stayed silent and the north lost 1 seat. “Our voice needs to be heard and as we see here, we were heard.”