NORTHERNERS RIPPED OFF AT THE PUMP: HST on Gas Adds to Growing Affordability Gap

Charlie Angus says northerners are continuing to be gouged by the Conservative government’s decision to impose the HST. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the 8% that has been added to the price of gas. Speaking in the House, Angus says the HST has compounded what is an already unfair system for pricing.

“Canadians are getting gouged at the pumps. When the price of a barrel of oil goes up on the international market, the price at the pump immediately jumps. When the price of a barrel of oil goes down on the market the price at the pump still stays high.”

Angus points to the fact that the single largest jump in the price of gas in the last two years came from the imposition of the HST.

“What’s really galling is that the Conservatives think of drivers as some kind of cash cow. They’ve thrown the HST on top of already high gas prices.”

Angus says the HST is a massive transfer in the tax burden from the large corporations onto the backs of ordinary citizens.

“This year alone, the Conservatives will give $840 million in tax breaks to the profitable banks and guess what; Ontario residents will pay an extra $895 million in taxes at the pump. It’s a rip-off and it’s not fair.”