Write to Your Member of Parliament

Template Letter

FIRST: Find out who your MP is (if you don’t already know) by entering your postal code at this website.

SECOND: Either email or send by post (no postage required) a letter like the one below asking your MP to show support for M-174 calling for a National Suicide Prevention Action Plan. Feel free to add your story or connection with mental health, as personalizing the message will help bring home the need for national action!

THIRD: If you get a response from your Member of Parliament, share it with us by sending a copy to charlie.angus@parl.gc.ca




________________________ MP for ____________________________

House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6


Dear ____________________________________,

I am writing to ask that you support M-174 the motion calling for a National Suicide Prevention Action Plan sponsored by MP Charlie Angus and endorsed by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), and the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP).

Canada is one of the only developed countries without a national plan to prevent suicide, an approach long recommended by the World Health Organization, and has one of the highest rates of suicide in the developed world. Some of our regions, such as Nunavut and Northern Ontario, have rates far above the national average. We need to take action, and we know this works. The province of Quebec has dramatically lowered its suicide rate by developing and implementing an action plan.

In 2011, Justin Trudeau stood in the House of Commons and told the Canadian people, “We must take action because we can. We need to have a national suicide strategy to reach people in need in every sector of our society. We must put our efforts into improving life for our citizens.”

That was 7 years ago. We have the power to take action on a national level to prevent suicide. We as Canadians have a responsibility to protect those who are at risk. This is a nonpartisan issue; it affects every part of this country.

I am asking you to please, as my Member of Parliament, as a Canadian, to do what is right and support M-174 and the need for a national action plan for suicide prevention.




cc. Charlie Angus, MP Timmins – James Bay