Only New Democrats Will Fight For Northern Communities

The strong Northern Ontario New Democrat team today slammed the
Harper Conservatives for putting Ottawa insiders ahead of local families and
delivered the message that only New Democrats will fight for the unique
challenges that Northerners face.

“The New Democrat Northern Ontario team has a track-record of practical
results,” said Charlie Angus. “From fighting foreign takeovers and protecting
jobs to making life affordable, we’re finally giving the region a voice.”

Claude Gravelle, the NDP candidate for Nickel Belt and the party’s mining critic
in the last Parliament, agreed. “Stephen Harper has shown his only interest in
Northern Ontario is for the occasional photo-op. New Democrats are standing
up for families here – and we’re ready to build on that success.”

The platform addresses key concerns that many communities face, including
affordability, jobs and pensions, health care, natural resources, clean energy
and aboriginal issues.

“In the last election, Northern Ontario voted New Democrat to send the
message that they were tired of being ignored,” said Glenn Thibeault, who is
seeking a second term in Sudbury. “Now more than ever, Northern Ontario
families need strong voices to fight for them.”