Onr Steps Up To Help Fort Albany

The Ontario Northland Railway is going to help move 10 skids of food supplies to Moosonee as part of the relief effort for Fort Albany. Residents in Fort Albany have been cut off from food supplies for days because of extreme flooding on the Albany River. Charlie Angus and MPP Gilles Bisson have been working with the community to get emergency food and baby supplies into Fort Albany. The major logistical problem has been finding a way to get the food up the coast. 

Bisson says the Ontario Northland Railway has agreed to ship food for free to Moosonee. 

“The ONR steps up to the plate again and again when we have issues in the north. Getting this food delivered is essential and I want to thank the ONR team for being there to help out.” 

Angus has been co-ordinating food supplies to Fort Albany. He says people in the community have been cut off from the food store on the mainland of the Albany River for days. 

“We have 600 people who have been waiting for food supplies. I’ve been working the phones to get help. The Cochrane Food Bank has been great. They have secured 10 skids of food and baby supplies which we are looking to get into Fort Albany.” 

Angus says the food will be taken by rail to Cochrane and then by flight to Fort Albany thanks to a co-ordinating team at the Moosonee Native Friendship Centre. 

“People in the north pitch in when one of our communities are in need.”