PASSPORTS CANNOT BE RENEWED ONLINE: Angus Warns of Third-Party Dealers

Charlie Angus is issuing a caution to people wanting to get or renew passports. Angus says the only way to apply for a passport is to go a Passport Canada office, Service Canada, MP’s office, or mail it yourself.

We are getting calls from people saying they filed applications online and are being charged over 200 dollars. There is no online service for passports. These are third-party agencies who are charging you to just review your application.”

Angus says you can fill out the application online but you must print it and then bring to a receiving agent.

“These third-party agencies are legal but they are not Passport Canada officials. They will charge you a large fee for their services but you still have to pay Passport Canada.  The same thing is happening with birth certificates, child tax benefits and disability tax credit.”

Angus says his offices review and send out applications for free. “When you are unsure about the services you see online, please contact my office and we can advise you on what is legit and what you can expect.”