Seniors / Pensions Top Priority For New Democrats, Angus

Charlie Angus met with senior citizens at the Le Mirage today to discuss the New Democratic Party’s commitment to senior citizens. He pointed out that action to help seniors was a key demand in the NDP’s recent negotiations with the Harper government.

“When we met with Stephen Harper we laid out four clear demands – support for seniors, pension reform, investing in new doctors and nurses to boost access in all regions and cutting the hated HST off home heating fuel. When it comes to the needs of seniors, Harper just doesn’t get it.”

Angus says the Conservative plan to fix the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) fell $400 million short of what was needed to get every senior in this country out of poverty.

“I find it ironic that the Conservatives are moaning about 400-million-dollars being ‘wasted’ on an election. If they were really that concerned, they could have put the $400 million into helping seniors and there would have been no election.”

Angus says the NDP are also focused on ensuring that all Canadians have access to a proper pension plan.

“I know very few people who pay into a defined pension plan outside of CPP. An increase in the guaranteed, public pension is the most effective way to ensure Canadians will be secure in their retirement. Harper has had five years to work on a plan to address the pension crisis, but he’s been too busy helping out his friends in the banks. Meanwhile average Canadians are falling further and further behind.”