Prisons Or Seniors - Angus Challenges Conservatives On Long Term Care

Today in Question Period, Charlie Angus challenged the Conservative government over their lack of commitment to long-term care needs for seniors. Angus asked a straight up question about the crisis in long-term care but the Conservative government refused to answer and responded with a glib and partisan cheap shot. Angus says the Conservative attitude is typical of a much deeper disconnect with average Canadians.

“No wonder Canadians are saying Ottawa is broken and this government is out of touch.”

Angus is challenging the Tories to stop playing political games and get serious about the needs of senior citizens.

"When I go into Cochrane, Iroquois Falls or Timmins I hear the same story. Families are unable to find long-term care facilities for their loved ones. They look to this government and the only thing they see if a profligate spending spree on prisons."

Angus says seniors should be able to spend their last years in dignity and comfort.

“New Democrats are pushing for a major increase to the Guaranteed Income Supplement to ensure no senior lives in poverty. We are also calling for a major overhaul of Canada's pension system.”

With the upcoming budget, Angus says the NDP want a renewed commitment to the public health system.