Families are taking a major hit from high gas prices inNorthern Ontario says Charlie Angus. He says he often hears complaints from constituents about the striking disparities in pricing between various parts of the country. In response to constituents who wanted to know why northern Quebec cities of Rouyn and Val d’Or had consistently lower prices than Timmins and Kirkland Lake, Angus has undertaken some research. One of the big factors in the unfair price difference, he says is the HST. 

On average we’re paying nearly 16 cents more per litre as a result of the Harper-McGuinty HST than in comparable regions of Northern Quebec. This is a huge bite out of the family wallet.” 

According to parliamentary research, the average price of wholesale gasoline delivered to Timmins was 83.6 cents a litre. The gas terminals in Ottawa and Toronto were providing prices slightly higher than in neighbouring Quebec. However, the $1.36 litre break down shows that northerners pay twice for federal and provincial taxes. 

Angus says northerners are being hosed. “The government already collects 14.7 cents in provincial tax and 10 cents in federal taxes. Then they get the double whammy of another 16 cents from the HST.”  

Angus points out that many factors are affecting gas prices but the HST plays an unfair role in gouging families.