charlie at locked doors

Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament is another sign of the contempt the Conservatives are showing for accountability. Charlie Angus is in Ottawa for what should have been the opening day of the fall session of Parliament. He says the locked door at the House of Commons speaks volumes.


We have a Prime Minister who is on the run from scandals. His closest advisors and buddies in the Senate are being investigated by the police. Instead of doing the right thing and coming to Parliament to answer questions, Mr. Harper and his government are hiding out at their fishing camps.”


Angus points out that since the Senate scandal broke, Prime Minister Harper has only showed up for five days out of five weeks of Parliamentary sessions in the spring.


Clearly Mr. Harper can’t take the heat from New Democrats. Whether it’s the senate scandal, the failure to deal with EI or pension issues, or their attack on science and learning, this is a Prime Minister who talks tough but is ducking from accountability.”


Angus says Harper government’s undermining of democratic accountability is unprecedented.


Mr. Harper promised Canadians that he would deliver ethical and accountable government. He broke that promise.”