Thanks to an outpouring of local research, coupled with work by a national newspaper, the family of a lost bomber crew pilot has been located. Last week, Charlie Angus launched a public awareness campaign to confirm the Timmins connection to the last bomber crew shot down over Europe.


Angus says the story was brought forward by an RAF history researcher as part of a planned commemoration of the doomed flight scheduled for next year in Austria.


Twenty-four-year old Wilf DeMarco was a brilliant young pilot from Timmins. On the last big mission of the war he flew into heavy flak. As the plane began to go down, he kept it steady in order to give other crew members the chance to bail out. Three survived. Wilf gave his life so his friends would have a chance.”


Angus says that the outpouring of support from people in the Timmins area was amazing.


When I learned that the National Post had joined the hunt to locate the DeMarco family, I shared what we had with them. A special thanks needs to go out to Karina Douglas at the Timmins library, genealogist Lise Hebert, Frank Giorno, Diane Armstrong and Lyne Desormeaux of the Timmins Cemetery department.”


Angus says he hopes that Timmins will be able to hold its own commemoration next April.

The story of the last bomber crew shot down over Europe is both heroic and tragic. It is a story worth telling. Wilf DeMarco represented the best of what Timmins had to offer. He gave it all in the service of his country.”