THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE – INCOME GAP GROWING: Angus Challenges Tories on Abandoning Seniors

Economic analysis is showing that seniors and people and fixed income continue to fall behind while Canada’s richest continue to make advances. Thanks to Conservative tax breaks, Canada’s biggest banks pulled nearly $5 billion in profit in the third quarter of 2010. Meanwhile the number of Canadians living pay cheque to pay cheque has grown to 59%.
Charlie Angus says the growing affordability gap can be directly traced to the Conservative government’s skewed priorities.
“In my region, more and more seniors are falling through the cracks. Right across the region, people are unable to heat their houses because of the taxes the government is imposing on home heating fuel.”
Angus says he is dealing with more and more seniors who can no longer afford to maintain their homes because of the growing affordability gap.
“The government will bend over backward to give the big oil companies and the big banks any kind of break they ask for, while seniors are going to food banks and losing their homes and Canadians are living with a larger affordability gap in our country.”
Canadian families now face the highest debt to finances ratio of any country in the OECD. Meanwhile, the Conservative government is set to give another $6.3 billion in corporate tax giveaways to large corporations – in addition to the $60 billion in corporate tax giveaways they have already spent.