Time For Missing Member From Muskoka To Come Clean

With press reports of a police investigation into the G 8 spending spree in Muskoka, Charlie Angus again called on Tony Clement to come clean with Parliament. For the last two weeks, the Treasury Board Minister has been ducking questions on his role in the $50-million spending spree.

In Question Period, Angus said it's time Clement answered questions over the damning Auditor General's report.

“This Minister has been hiding under his desk ever since he was called into the Auditor’s principal’s office. We now know why. There’s a police investigation underway.”

The NDP’s Ethic’s Critic says the Treasury Board President told a commons committee yesterday that no money was diverted from the border infrastructure fund.

Angus says this isn't correct. “Well I guess the member should read page 37 of the Auditor General’s report because it clearly contradicts his statement."

Angus says Canadians must have faith in the diligence and fairness of the Treasury Board President.

“It is obvious the Conservatives did not properly explain how the money was to be spent when they asked parliament for approval of a G8 legacy fund for Tony Clement’s riding”