TIME FOR OTTAWA TO SUPPORT PALLIATIVE CARE: New Report Lays Groundwork for National Strategy

Charlie Angus is saluting the work of the non-partisan parliamentary committee on Palliative Care issues. Their new report “Not to be Forgotten: Care of Vulnerable Canadians” lays out a framework for helping families deal with end of life issues. 

The report addresses numerous issues regarding the accessibility and funding of palliative care. It also looks at the need for a coherent suicide prevention strategy to aid those who are feeling as if they have no future. As well, it focuses on issues such as home care and support for the elderly. 

Angus says the recommendations are important. “As our population ages we need to get serious about ensuring adequate resources are in place to give families the appropriate spaces to help their loved ones through their final journey. I am glad Parliamentarians are coming forward with clear and strong recommendations.” 

Angus says the committee has made recommendations for ensuring flexible delivery of palliative care services, while also recognizing the importance of home care and general support for elders. 

“There is a patchwork of services across this country. We need to ensure that rural and northern communities have access to full palliative services. I look forward to working with other parliamentarians on pushing forward with a national strategy to provide end of life care.”