On April 24th the Timmins Museum will host a commemoration of the doomed flight of the last bomber shot down over Europe. A similar ceremony is being held in Austria. On April 25, 1945 a Lancaster bomber from 619 RAF squadron flew into heavy flak over Hitler’s Eagle Lair. The crew were a mix of young British and Canadian men. They were piloted by Timmins flight officer Wilfrid DeMarco. The plane went down in flames over the village killing DeMarco and three others while three members parachuted to safety.


Charlie Angus has been working with volunteers from the RAF commemoration team on this doomed flight. He says remembering is important. “We lost 50,000 young men in the air war over Europe. It is powerful to know that 70 years later the people in the village where the plane was shot down and people from DeMarco’s home town are taking the time to remember.”


Museum Director Karen Bachmann is hosting the commemoration. She says this will be a good opportunity for Timmins residents to learn more about their history.


“We are looking to host an event that will commemorate their bravery and will also help teach a new generation about the incredible sacrifice made by young people like Wilfrid DeMarco.”


Angus presented the museum with a photographic reproduction of the last bomber. It was commissioned by Kevin Ruane of the 619 RAF Squadron Historical Society. He wanted it presented to the people of Timmins.