The Parliamentary Budget officer has done the math and the results are clear -- the Harper government's income splitting scheme will blow a huge hole in tax revenue only to benefit a few who are already doing very well. New Democrats say Stephen Harper has to get serious about stopping the erosion of the middle class. This means cancelling the Tories wasteful and ineffective income splitting scheme.


Charlie Angus says the income splitting scheme is an example of how the Conservatives don't understand what is needed to get Canada's economy back on track.


With these guys, it’s all ideology all the time. At a time when Canada’s middle class is being squeezed by a slumping economy, Stephen Harper plans to hand out $2 billion a year to a small group of very wealthy people." 


The PBO’s report confirms that the cost of this giveaway to the wealthiest will be over $2 billion per year. Only 15% of Canadian households will benefit.


Angus says Stephen Harper has lost touch with ordinary Canadians.


"The Conservatives don't have a clue what it's like to be an average Canadian trying to make do in an insecure job market with no real pension savings. Harper's crew spends too much time hanging out with their rich oil buddies. The NDP is the only party who will put ordinary people and their needs at the centre of economic growth in this country."