Turmel Makes Timmins First Stop

Federal Interim NDP Leader Nycole Turmel made a stop in Timmins today.

The Interim Leader wanted to come to Timmins as part of her cross Canada fact finding mission.

She met with Mayor Tom Laughren at city hall and discussed housing issues, transportation including rail service, infrastructure needs and resources.

She also met with L'Alliance Timmins at College Boreal to discuss francophone health issues.

Turmel wrapped up her day inTimmins taking a tour of Lakeshore Gold's Bell Creek operation.

Charlie Angus says Turmel wanted to come to Timmins. "I was very pleased when Nycole mentioned an interest in stopping by my riding. She really wants to understand the challenges northerners face each day."


Tom Laughren says he was impressed a national leader would choose Timmins as the first Ontariostop. "For someone so new into her mandate to take the time to visit our city speaks loudly of the influence Charlie Angus has in his caucus, especially when you consider she is the Leader of the Official Opposition. We had a terrific discussion on issues of importance to this city and I hope she can take those concerns back to Ottawa and help to shape government policy."


Turmel says Timmins is such a special place. "It is the feeling you get when you step off the plane. The reception has been wonderful and the people are so inviting."


Turmel says the issues brought to her attention during this visit will be on her caucus agenda when parliament resumes. "There are serious challenges in northern Ontario and the issues need to be addressed. We will be pressing this government to take seriously our concerns and the concerns of the people of Timmins-James Bay."

Laughren presented the Leader with a copy of the book  "Viens of Gold", detailing the great history of Timmins 100 years.