UNSUNG HEROES GET A HERO'S WELCOME: Diamond Jubilee Medals Given in Timmins

Outstanding volunteers from Timmins-James Bay were honored Friday night in Charlie Angus presented Diamond Jubilee Medals to 16 recipients. 

Angus says these people have all worked behind the scenes for many years. “We wanted to ensure we recognized, not only those who are prominent in our community, but also those unsung heroes.” 

Angus says the selection committee worked many months to finalize the list. “We started calling for nominations in the spring and continued until the end of September. There were over 70 people nominated by the community and narrowing it down to 30 was no easy task.” 

Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson says the people in the room are well -deserving. “We see the movers and shakers here tonight. Some faces are well known while others have kept a low profile. All of them work just as hard.” 

Timmins Mayor Tom Laughren says he can see why Timmins is such a vibrant community. “I can only speak for my community, but I am sure the others mayors would agree…organizational success lies with the people who run them. These people have given so much of themselves to help others. 

Recipents were from Timmins, Matheson, Iroquois Falls, Cochrane and the James Bay coast. They include…Norma Monahan, Anita Cote, Gilda Shea, Bill McCarthy, Ed Ligocki, Rick Young, Joe Ferrari, Stephanie St.Pierre, Andrea Villeneuve, Dusty Robichaud, Ed Stecewicz, Mike Kentish, Julie Demarchi, Nancy Hopcraft, Colleen Landers, Mary Jordon, Gerry Petroski, Fern Tremblay, Frank Draper, Louis Bird, Rosie Koostachin and Joan Metatawabin.  

For those who could not attend Friday’s ceremony, Angus will personally deliver their medals at a date convenient to the winner. 

The 8 recipients in the Kirkland Lake area are still awaiting approval from the Governor-General. That ceremony will go some time in the new year.

To view photos of Friday's ceremony, please visit out photo section