VOTING SCANDAL WIDENS: Angus calls on Conservatives to Come Clean

Charlie Angus continues to call on the Conservative government to take voter suppression allegations seriously. Elections Canadais investigating over 31,000 calls about possible voter irregularities. Angus says the Conservatives are dismissing the charges and trying to deflect blame. 

This is the only party in the house right now that has been charged by Elections Canada. In 2006 they got caught for the in and out scheme. Canadians are growing tired of constant mis-doings by this government.” 

Angus says it is clear that someone approved the robo-call scheme to have callers impersonate Elections Canada and mislead voters. 

 “It’s time they come clean about their role in interfering with the rights of people to cast ballots.” 

Angus says Conservatives promised to clean up Ottawa scandals, instead they have just added new scandals of their own. 

Serious allegations are being made by well-meaning Canadians. Conservatives must stop their obfuscation and come clean about their role.” 

Angus says honest answers are needed to restore faith in our electoral process.