Yesterday’s brutal events shocked and saddened all Canadians. The peace of our nation’s capital was shattered by a violent and hateful act. A cowardly act, designed to strike at the very heart of our democracy — at the heart of who we are.

Today Canadians pause to mourn the death of Corporal Nathan Cirillo. We will not forget him or the brave members the Canadian Forces and their families for the sacrifices they make for us every day. I sincerely thank the first responders, security forces and police for their brave work yesterday keeping myself, my colleagues, my staff, and the public safe.  


But, this morning, I went back to work in getting on with representing the people of Timmins-James Bay.  This horrific, cowardly act will not intimidate us – instead, it will bring us closer together. Today, we stand united as Canadians. 

Moving forward we must continue doing the hard of work of ensuring Canadians’ safety while guarding our shared values of freedom, tolerance and an inclusive democracy. Parliament must remain an open space as it is the people’s space.


As Tom Mulcair said Wednesday morning, we woke up in a country blessed by love, diversity and peace. This morning, we did the same.