Where Is The Accountability In The Senate?

Did he or didn’t he? It’s been nearly 2 months since senator Mike Duffy promised to pay back housing expenses for which he was not entitled. However Duffy refuses to tell the public whether or not he has paid back the money.

Speaking in Question Period, Charlie Angus says the lack of accountability in the Senate is unacceptable.

"How long will the Conservative government allow taxpayers to be ripped off? Will they at least send a collection agency down to the Red Chamber?"

Angus challenged the Conservatives for failing Canadians.

"What happened to this government's promise of accountability? They are defending the perks of the Senate in the midst of the worst spending scandal in memory."

Angus says the Conservative dominated Senate is refusing to come clean about how many Senators are under investigation and how much money is being paid back. He says taxpayers are being ripped off.

"Why are Senators allowed to police themselves when they pay out expenses based on a pinky swear? This is not accountability."