WHERE IS THE ACTION PLAN? Angus says Ottawa and Queen’s Park Missing in Action in Attawapiskat

Today in Question Period, Charlie Angus called on both levels of government to help the residents of Attawapiskat. Angus says it’s been 3 weeks since a state of emergency was declared due to poor and lack of housing. 
Not a single official of the federal or provincial government has bothered to visit the community to see first-hand the deplorable conditions. Not even one aid agency has stepped forward.” 
Angus says conditions are deteriorating every day. “Temperatures have dropped 20 degrees and are likely to drop even more very soon. Families in makeshift tents and un-insulated sheds with no hydro or water are facing immediate risk.” 
Immediate risk is the language that is being used by medical officials in the area. Residents are at risk of infection, disease and fire. 
Angus says children are using a bucket as a toilet. “This is unacceptable in a rich country like Canada. This is the same community that houses one of the richest diamond mines in the western world.” 
Angus is calling on both levels of government, as well as national aid agencies, to work with Attawapiskat to respond to the crisis.