WHERE IS THE PRIME MINISTER? Angus and Turmel call on Stephen Harper to go to Attawapiskat


Today in Question Period, New Democrats called on the Prime Minister to visitAttawapiskatand see the deplorable conditions for himself. Leader Nycole Turmel went to Attawapiskat yesterday along with Charlie Angus. 

Turmel says these are third world conditions. 

If the Prime Minister was a true leader he would go up north right away. Stephen Harper must take responsibility and take charge. Winter is coming and where is the federal government?” 

Angus says the federal government is quick for disasters everywhere else in the country. “If there is a fire, the government is there. If there is a flood the government is there. Attawapiskat has been in a state of emergency for a month and still no government intervention.” 

Angus says the Red Cross emergency team is on the ground but these Canadian citizens are asking “where is the Canadian government?” 

Why are the people of Attawapiskat treated differently? Why are First Nations treated with such contempt? Where is the Prime Minister?” 

Angus says the Conservatives only response so far has been to blame the community.