Why Are The Conservatives Abandoning The James Bay Port Authority

New Democrats are wondering why the Conservatives have left out Northern Ontario yet again in the budget, failing to mention anything about the promised James Bay Port Authority and northern rail service.

"The Conservatives ran on a promise that they would stand up for Northern Ontario and yet they have been missing in action on the key files. Where were Tony Clement and Jay Aspin when it came time to living up to their promise to ensure a new deal for investment in rail and infrastructure?" asked Charlie Angus.

The Port Authority was first promised by Conservative MP Jay Aspin to secure long-term train service in the north - but it isn't mentioned anywhere in this year's budget.

"People in the north are still dealing with the loss of the Northlander Train. Now Canadians in other parts of the country will also be facing cuts to their passenger train service. We were hoping that Mr. Aspin and Mr. Clement would have been part of the solution for the train, but they seem to be part of the problem," said New Democrat Railway critic Mike Sullivan (York South—Weston).