Why Did Conservatives Cover Up Massive Data Breaches? Over A Million Canadians Possibly Affected

Charlie Angus wants the government to come clean about thousands of data breaches where the privacy information of over a million Canadians may have been compromised. Angus uncovered documents that show that various government departments have allowed massive amounts of private information to be lost, stolen or accessed by people without authorization. 

This government clearly doesn’t get it. In an age of cyber fraud and identity theft you, don’t play loosy-goosy with the private information of citizens. The extent of these data breaches is breathtaking and very disturbing.” 

Angus says he is particularly concerned that in many cases the federal Privacy Commissioner was not informed that information had been hacked, lost or stolen. In one case, the government claimed only 501 people had been affected by a breach of Social Insurance Numbers, but further digging found the real number to be over 300,000. 

“What we are seeing here is an attitude that says protecting the incompetence of a minister is more important than protecting the personal information of Canadians. Why was the Privacy Commissioner kept in the dark? Why are Canadians being kept in the dark when the government loses their personal records?” 

Angus says he will be asking the Privacy Commissioner for a full investigation of the 3,000 plus data breaches.